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Introducing Elysian Coffee at The Burrard!

Hotel Services  |  03.22.2016  |  

Elysian Coffee at The Burrard
We probably don’t have to tell you how much we love coffee. It’s somewhat of an obsession for us, and that obsession has long been fuelled by Vancouver’s top-notch roasting scene. So our caffeine problem is only about to get worse now that we have our very own location of Elysian Coffee at The Burrard!


Four Reasons Why You Should Book Directly With The Hotel

Hotel Services  |  01.27.2016  |  

why you should book directly with the hotel - The Burrard
You’re ready to book your trip, and after scouring the interwebs you think you’ve found the best deal. It’s sure tempting to book through one of those one-stop-shop sites where your flight, hotel and car are all bundled together in one credit card payment (you know EXACTLY which sites we’re referring to). We’re here to tell you why you should reconsider. Whether you’re coming to stay at The Burrard or somewhere else, here are four reasons why you should book directly with the hotel.

1. If you need to make a change, we have all of your booking details
While you might be really, really sure about your plans when you click that “Book Now” button, things like work deadlines, the weather and a case of the sniffles can change your plans. Booking through a third-party site often means your hotel reservation is paid up-front, non-refundable or can only be changed through a tediously long process that will also include paying a change fee. If you’ve booked directly with the hotel (either online or over the phone), making changes to your booking is so much easier for both us. We already have all of your booking information—like your payment details and room preferences, and can be super flexible about any changes you need to make.

2. We’ll actually receive your special requests
You know that little box for “special requests” you see on a travel website when you book a room? Sometimes the hotel doesn’t get that information. So remember when you typed in that note about how you’re a light sleeper and then you ended up with a room next to the elevator. That could have been avoided. If you book directly with the hotel, we actually get your requests so we can do our very best to make things happen for you, just the way you like them.

3. You’ll have a better idea of what our hotel is about
The Burrard is a retro-modern boutique property, with sassy amenities and lots of mid-century modern touches. It’s a former 1956 motor hotel, and while lots of people love it for exactly that reason, it’s not for everyone. But if you look up The Burrard on some of the more popular travel booking sites, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a sterile chain hotel with a character that can be accurately summed up by a list of features like “desk” and “blackout curtains.” If you’re reading this, you’re already on The Burrard’s site, but suffice it to say, if you visit any hotel’s website, you’re going to have a much better idea of what you’re going to be walking into when you check-in.

4. We’ll match that special deal you found
So with all of these benefits to booking directly with the hotel, what’s stopping you? Oh right, you found a better deal. Well, we’ve got you covered. If you find a lower price for your room (with the same dates, restrictions, etc.) on another website, we’ll match it. Just shoot us a note at, and include documentation of where you found it, and we’ll give you another reason to book directly with us.

Have we got you convinced as to why you should book directly with the hotel? Head over to our bookings page to check out our deals for your next Vancouver vacation!


Dina Goldstein at The Burrard

Hotel Services  |  10.20.2015  |  

Dina Goldstein at The Burrard - In the Dollhouse
We love supporting Vancouver’s local art scene. Luckily, it’s full of very talented people, industriously turning out world-class art so we’re not reduced to the same situation your mom was (you know your refrigerator never recovered its dignity). Instead, we get to adorn our walls with the likes of Dina Goldstein at The Burrard. Our lobby now proudly displays four of her amazing pieces!


The best Vancouver hotel courtyard gets an upgrade!

Hotel Services  |  07.28.2015  |  

Vancouver Hotel Courtyard - The Burrard
If you’ve ever stayed with us, you’ll know that The Burrard’s inner courtyard is one of our grooviest features. We think it’s the best Vancouver hotel courtyard, resplendent with huge palm trees, a sunny deck, and plenty of corners to relax with a beer or get a little work done on the laptop. But now there’s even more to love about our courtyard!


The Burrard = Vancouver summer hotel deals

Hotel Services  |  05.12.2015  |  

The Burrard - Vancouver Summer Hotel Deals
In Vancouver, our days are getting longer and our patios are getting sunnier. But one thing that stays the same year-round is the fact that The Burrard offers great value. Of course, during the city’s very popular summer season, our rates go up. News flash – every hotel in Vancouver sees their room rates increase during the summer. But if you’re looking for some of the best Vancouver summer hotel deals, look no further than The Burrard!

So if our summer rates are higher than the rates you’re paying in winter, how are we still offering great value? Allow us…