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Vancouver International Film Festival

Things to do in Vancouver  |  09.02.2014  |  

Vancouver International Film Festival

People bandy around the term “Hollywood North” when talking about Vancouver, mainly because of the number of movies that are shot here, and not because of the rise in cosmetic surgery (we hope). So it’s totally fitting that Vancouver also has an awesome annual film festival. Running September 25 through October 10 this year, the Vancouver International Film Festival will offer 380 movie screenings, resulting in 142,000 bums in cinema seats. It’s one of top five North American film festivals in terms of the number of films and attendance. That’s pretty impressive.

But lots of cities have a film festival, so what makes the Vancouver Film Festival worth attending?


Things to do in Vancouver, September 2014

Things to do in Vancouver  |  08.26.2014  |  

We’re not supposed to tell you this, but September is our favourite month in Vancouver. Kids are back at school, the sun is still shining, and let’s just say that something as simple as walking Vancouver’s lovely seawall is a pleasant stroll as opposed to the elbows-out, blood sport that it becomes during July and August. On this month’s “to do” list, we have one of Vancouver’s biggest festivals, two doses of mid-century modern style, and a new wine event. Bottoms up!

Top Drop Vancouver
Bringing together trade seminars, a dinner, a grand tasting and more, the two-day Top Drop event focuses on “terroir-focused, hand-crafted wines.” What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks does that mean? All 24 of the wineries—some local, some international, produce wines that are a true reflection of where they’re from, the values and standards of those that make them, and their vintage. Coles Notes version: no industrial, factory wine here.
September 15 & 16, through Top Drop Vancouver


RBC GranFondo Whistler 2014

GranFondo Whistler

If the idea of riding up a mountain with a group of like-minded, lycra-clad individuals appeals to you, you’re going to love the GranFondo Whistler. Starting in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, more than 7,000 cyclists will start the “big ride” (yup, that’s what “GranFondo” loosely translates to in Italian), heading over the iconic Lions Gate Bridge, before continuing up the Sea-To-Sky highway to Whistler.


The Best Vancouver Parks – Our Top 5 Picks

The Burrard offers free cruiser bike rentals!

Vancouver is a city that loves its parks and beaches, and we locals have Opinions on these things (and that’s “Opinions” with a capital “O”). If you’re asking around for the best Vancouver parks, you might as well ask which kid is their favourite child. So with that in mind, we’re still going to wander into the fray and give you our opinion.


Things to do in Vancouver, August 2014

Things to do in Vancouver  |  07.29.2014  |  

There’s no shortage of things to do in Vancouver this August! It’s been beautifully hot this summer, so we’re torn between soaking in the rays outside, and seeking refuge in the air-conditioning while we take in a show or two. Whichever you choose, this city will keep you entertained!

Food Cart Fest
We all know food tastes better when it comes from a truck, but what happens when you want kimchi tacos and your friend wants fried rice balls? You can leg it a few blocks and hit up a couple of different trucks, or head to Vancouver’s weekly Food Cart Fest which brings together 20 of the city’s favourite mobile food-dispensaries in the one spot! Along with filling your belly, you’ll enjoy DJs, a craft market and ping pong.
Every summer Sunday at Olympic Village