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Things to do in Vancouver, October 2015

Things to do in Vancouver  |  09.29.2015  |  

Oh, how we love autumn! There’s just something about retreating to your most forgiving chunky sweater after a summer of over-indulging, and swapping gin-based cocktails for bourbon-based ones. Oh, you were expecting us to say something about the fall air and leaves changing colour? Sorry, are you new here? Whatever turns your crank, there are plenty of awesome things to do in Vancouver in October, from stuffing your face right through to getting the stuffing scared out of you. Here are our favourites.


Vancouver World Rugby Sevens Series – March 2016

Things to do in Vancouver  |  09.22.2015  |  

World Rugby Sevens - The Burrard
On March 12 and 13, 2016, the rugby world will crane its neck in Vancouver’s direction as our city becomes an annual host for one of the 10 tournaments that make up the World Rugby Sevens Series. The world’s top 16 national teams will compete in the Vancouver World Rugby Sevens weekend-long competition at BC Place Stadium, and we’re here to tell you, this is a cracking big deal for our city.


Things to do in Vancouver, September 2015

Things to do in Vancouver  |  09.01.2015  |  

We’ve just received breaking news from meteorologists and they’re saying that we’re supposed to have sunny weather in Vancouver through until the end of September! So we’re not quite ready to relinquish the sunglasses and SPF yet. Instead we’re still looking for things to do in Vancouver that involve us heading outside to soak up the last of the summer rays. Here are four of our favourite picks!

Vancouver Fringe Festival - Things to do in Vancouver
Billed as a celebration of “theatre for everyone” the Vancouver Fringe Festival is a rollicking mix of unconventional works in unconventional places. Plays performed during the festival are chosen by drawing names out of a hat, so expect some surprises! As a starting point, check out the Fringe-For-All on September 10, an event with artists performing a two-minute teaser of their upcoming Fringe show.
September 10 – 20;


Vancouver International Film Festival

Things to do in Vancouver  |  08.25.2015  |  

Vancouver International Film Festival -The Burrard Hotel
People bandy around the term “Hollywood North” when talking about Vancouver, mainly because of the number of movies that are shot here, and not because of the rise in cosmetic surgery (we hope). So it’s totally fitting that Vancouver also has an awesome annual film festival. Running September 24 through October 9 this year, the Vancouver International Film Festival will offer almost 350 movie screenings, resulting in 144,000 bums in cinema seats. It’s one of top five North American film festivals in terms of the number of films and attendance. That’s pretty impressive.

But lots of cities have a film festival, so what makes the Vancouver International Film Festival worth attending?


Things to do in Vancouver, August 2015

Things to do in Vancouver  |  08.04.2015  |  

Oh gawd. How is it already August? There’s definitely no shortage of things to do in Vancouver this summer, so basically we have zero excuse for not getting out there and enjoying the sunshine! (Note to self: take own advice and get outside, eat more ice cream, and hang out at more festivals.) Learn from our mistakes and get out there for some fun… without further ado, our list of things to do in Vancouver this August.