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Christmas in Vancouver

Things to do in Vancouver  |  11.03.2015  |  

Christmas in Vancouver - photo by
It feels like it was only yesterday that you packed away the bikini, and now here you are ready to bring out the reindeer sweater and settle in for your annual viewing of “Love Actually.” The holiday season is almost upon us, and as much as we love Christmas Day itself (or insert other religious holiday here as required), we love the lead-up to Christmas in Vancouver just as much.

A month of drinking eggnog would be enough to get the team here at The Burrard Hotel all merry and bright, but occasionally we like to leave the house in that reindeer sweater. Luckily, Vancouver is a pretty fun place to be during the holiday season, and whether you’re a visitor or a local, there’s a lot to put you in the Christmas spirit. Here are a few of our favourite ways to celebrate Christmas in Vancouver.


Things to do in Vancouver, November 2015

Things to do in Vancouver  |  10.27.2015  |  

How is it already November? That means that next month is December, and December equals “a lot of stuff to do.” While December is full of family commitments like, you know, looking at displays of lights and drinking nog, November is “me time.” So it’s a perfect time to take a little trip – there’s plenty of things to do in Vancouver this month, from film festivals to fashion.


The Best Vancouver Coffee Shops

Things to do in Vancouver  |  10.13.2015  |  

Matchstick Coffee - Best Vancouver Coffee Shops
If you’re looking for a pumpkin spice latte, most of these cafes are not going to be able to help you. We’re pretty sure they would balk at the idea of putting a vegetable in your coffee. But if you’re interested in exploring the city’s respected “third wave” coffee scene, below is a list of five of the best Vancouver coffee shops to hit while you’re in town.


Things to do in Vancouver, October 2015

Things to do in Vancouver  |  09.29.2015  |  

Oh, how we love autumn! There’s just something about retreating to your most forgiving chunky sweater after a summer of over-indulging, and swapping gin-based cocktails for bourbon-based ones. Oh, you were expecting us to say something about the fall air and leaves changing colour? Sorry, are you new here? Whatever turns your crank, there are plenty of awesome things to do in Vancouver in October, from stuffing your face right through to getting the stuffing scared out of you. Here are our favourites.


Vancouver World Rugby Sevens Series – March 2016

Things to do in Vancouver  |  09.22.2015  |  

World Rugby Sevens - The Burrard
On March 12 and 13, 2016, the rugby world will crane its neck in Vancouver’s direction as our city becomes an annual host for one of the 10 tournaments that make up the World Rugby Sevens Series. The world’s top 16 national teams will compete in the Vancouver World Rugby Sevens weekend-long competition at BC Place Stadium, and we’re here to tell you, this is a cracking big deal for our city.