The Grand Hotel at the VAG

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Regardless of your destination, your hotel will always become an integral part of your trip. It’s more than just a place to steal bars of miniature soap, it’s where you unload your experiences, where your next move materializes, and where chance encounters turn into lasting memories. Beyond the veneer of the freshly made beds and restocked mini fridges lies a catalogue of stories that won’t show up in your average vacation album, and over the next 4 months “The Grand Hotel”checks in at the VAG to tell these tales, exploring the synthesis between design, travel, people and culture that these institutions create.

Grand Hotel at the VAG

image courtesy “The Grand Hotel” microsite

Whether it’s the flickering neon of roadside motels or the glamorous residents of Hollywood’s infamous Chateau Marmont, every facet of these buildings’ transient existence is carefully considered and contextualized, taking you behind the “do not disturb” signs to understand the movements that shaped, and were shaped by the hotel. Here’s your chance to fraternize with the razor wit of the Algonguin round table club, step into the dizzying world of Brion Gysin’s and William S Burroughs Dream Machine at The Beat in Paris, or simply marvel at the overwrought details of Copenhagen’s SAS hotel, where architect Arne Jacobsen meticulously designed everything from the facade to the stainless steel cutlery used in the restaurant.

Grand Hotel at the VAG

To complete your stay at the VAG, contemporary chain The Ace Hotel has set up a gift shop combining the pragmatic needs of modern travellers with a romantic nod to the classic age of hospitality. While you may have trouble finding the pool, you won’t have any trouble extending your stay and being immersed in the history of the worlds iconic and indispensable crash pad’s, reminding us that these are more than just places to sleep.

The Burrard - Neon

If your a visitor to Vancouver, there’s no better place to complement your stay, and this exhibition, than the Burrard Hotel. The 50s motor inn has been redesigned to current standards while maintaining its retro flourishes, and with sleek deco rooms oozing cool around an urban oasis courtyard, you’ll feel like your in town for Sinatra’s bachelor party, not just your cousins wedding. Accommodating staff and swank amenities like free bike rentals, solidify the Burrard as the perfect harmony of past and present. Check in here

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