Hotspots Feature: Five Vancouver Rainy Day Activities

Vancouver Rainy Day Activities - The Burrard Hotel

It’s winter in Vancouver, and while other cities in Canada (and much of the US) are getting a ton of snow, we’re lucky enough to have the heavens open and drench us with glorious rain. Lucky? Well, we think so. The thing about rain is that once it stops, it’s gone—no shoveling, no icy footpaths, no scary driving. It’s just back to pleasant, mild temperatures and we can get on with our business.

But while that downpour is happening, you might want to look for a few Vancouver rainy day activities to make the most of your time indoors. The obvious choices are the city’s museums, galleries and indoor attractions like the Vancouver Aquarium. But if you’re looking for something beyond that, we’ve got you covered. (See what we just did?) Click here for a list of our favourite Vancouver rainy day activities.