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You might have heard that Vancouver is sometimes referred to as “Hollywood North” because of the number of movies and TV shows shot in the city. You’ve probably groaned at how corny that nickname is – we sure have. But the fact remains: wander Vancouver’s streets on any given week, and you’ll literally stumble across tell-tale giant white crew trucks, catering services vehicles, and all manner of lighting cords. If you’re interested in what’s shooting in town while you’re in Vancouver, check this list.

The Burrard has been used as a filming location on many occasions, but most recently, we showed up on the season two premiere of Canadian-produced detective show, Motive, which airs on CTV here in Canada, and on ABC in the US. We know, it’s not normal to brag about your hotel being a crime scene (even if it’s a make-believe one), but there are some killer shots of our lovely courtyard. And our retro hotel rooms? Apparently people are just dying to get in them. Even our coffee shop, Betty, made an appearance, masquerading as a vegan restaurant. And you’ll see some nice views of Vancouver’s sea wall in there too. If you missed the episode, you can watch it on the CTV site if you’re in Canada.



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