Media Coverage: Virgin Atlantic In-Flight Video and Escapism

News  |  05.06.2014  |  

Now, we meet plenty of folks visiting Vancouver, looking for a place to stay outside of the norm. They’re like you… they want a boutique hotel, with a dash of funky character, lots of cool-kid credibility and amenities, but without feeling like they’re throwing wads of cash into an oscillating fan. Turns out the media are the same as you and me (shocker!), and they’ve been heaping praise on the l’il ol’ Burrard recently.

First up is the fantastic UK-based travel magazine, Escapism. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out! Describing itself as “travel inspiration for the urban globe trotter,” this is our sort of magazine. Even if you’re not in the UK, you can read their monthly edition online via Issuu. Their Vancouver story is part of their regular “Foodism” section, and covers the city’s hot craft brew and food truck scene with some awesome tips! Check out the Vancouver article in the magazine below, starting on page 82.


Second is Virgin Atlantic’s new Vancouver destination video which is airing in-flight right now. From the moment we heard they offer complimentary massages to Upper Class passengers, we’ve been big fans (now that’s an amenity we can aspire to!) So we’re chuffed to be included as a recommended place to stay in their new video. Unfortunately, the only way to see the video is to get on a plane, so you’ll either have to take out word for it, or save up your pennies!




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