SELFIES: Get a room and get $75!

Vancouver Hotel Deals  |  12.23.2013  |  

It’s December 23rd and with Christmas Eve just around the corner, we bet you’re fingers are chapped and raw from diligently pre-wrapping all of your numerous gifts for your friends and loved ones, because who would every procrastinate on such a joyous and important task? We would, for one. We know you’re really enjoying a break from work, chilling in your pajamas on the couch and searching for the best New Year’s Eve party to attend and how to make this year the biggest and best.

NYE Vancouver

While we have some personal front-runners to recommend, what we really think you should do is get a room and we’ll give you $75. Really. Honest. This is not a joke. We want to give you $75 so you can buy a hotel room starting from $101. It’s such a good offer it’s practically stealing. And we won’t spill the beans if you decide not to tell your significant other. Just book here, take all the credit for being the hot-shot-money-bag they think you are and spend the $75 on a sweet hangover breakfast in the morning with a caesar or two to make the fuzzy head feeling go away. We’ll even point you in the right direction.




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