TAKE-OUT: January/February 2014

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Now that the holidays are over, you are probably looking to take on those New Year’s resolutions… even when you’re on the road. No sugar, no trans fats, no gluten: no fun. AMIRIGHT? We suggest indulging in a bit more fun during your hotel stay as there are so many great events happening in Vancouver over the next few months where you can get your jollies on while still adhering to those strict 2014 goals.


Night Circus is a pilot event that can only be described as an experience — an experience that includes burlesque, circus, live music, and theatre — and instead of it happening on the stage, it happens all around you throughout the room. Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from January 17th – February 2nd and FanClub.


Vancouver Winter Farmers Market

Every Saturday, the Vancouver’s best artisan vendors and farmers are teaming up with Vancouver’s favourite food trucks to bring you the Winter Farmer’s Market. Surely this will check off a few boxes in your search for fun-filled ways to see the city without focusing solely on delicious and tempting food? Or not. But we guarantee it will be worth it and you could walk up the Queen Elizabeth mountain afterwards.



Vancouver has always had a vibrant  comedy scene and we’re not just referring to our sense of style in all things Lululemon and Uggs. With so much comedic activity happening about town, it was high time that another great comedy was added to the circuit. Vancouver International Sketch Comedy Festival takes place from January 23rd – 25th, 2014. New Year’s resolution tip: Experts believe it is actually possible to chortle yourself into a smaller pant size.



One of Vancouver’s signature annual events, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival features ground-breaking and visionary work in the performing arts. With both local and international talent in the mix, you are sure to find something to suit your fancy. Insider’s tip: Book a hotel room on bevancouver.com for PuSh and receive free tickets.




The Vancouver Art Gallery knows how to put on a great party and FUSE is its name. This month, the VAG has a special “PuSh” edition to celebrate the PuSh. What could really be better than visiting an art gallery for a party? You get to tell grandma “of course I went to the art gallery and it was beautiful”, but we know the truth.




Even if you are still not sure how to pronounce it, you should know about the wonders of Pecha Kucha. Vancouver’s January edition is packed full of top-notch movers and shakers and at $10 for tickets, it’s a better bet than the movies.



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