TAKE-OUT: March 2014

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As winter nears its end, we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Seriously, it’s blinding, although that might be our blue-light therapy lamp… Crawl out of your hibernation chambers and join us at some of these great things to do in Vancouver over the next few weeks:

Urban Winery Sunday School

Maybe you were cooler than us back in high school, but our education didn’t include wine. Vancouver’s Urban Winery steps up to fill this gap in your education with their Sunday School, an on-going series of seminars featuring multiple flights of wine structured around a theme and served blind. The next session is March 16th’s “Sommelier Smack Down.” Ring the bell – school’s in, sucka!
Ongoing at Vancouver Urban Winery

Raincity Chronicles

We often like to tell stories over a late night currywurst at Bestie, so it’s no surprise that this is totally up our alley. Our favourite storytelling series, Rain City Chronicles, has teamed up with the Bestie lads for “Das Lexicon,” a night of bratwurst and stories inspired by German words such as Katzenjammer (hangover), Wunderkind (child prodigy) and Backpfeifengesicht (fights), all within the retro ambience of the Vancouver Alpen Club.
March 22 at the Vancouver Alpen Club

Rewilding Vancouver
Vancouver’s tagline might be “Spectacular by Nature,” but once upon a time, it was just “spectacular nature.” The brand new “Rewilding Vancouver” exhibit at Museum of Vancouver takes a look at the wildlife the city once boasted, and also what it could still be. Along with the core exhibit, take advantage of the score of free tours with curator J.B. MacKinnon, also known as one of the authors of the 100-Mile Diet.
Through to September 1 at Museum of Vancouver

Nifty for Fifty
If you’re looking to pick-up a souvenir of your stay in Vancouver, consider opting for something you might actually use, say something from one of our kick-ass local designers. The Nifty for Fifty Sale brings together 30 designers and artists offering clothes and accessories all under $50. Once you’ve perused the wares (and given the Visa a work-out), treat yourself to a beer down the road at one of the Main Street neighbourhoods’ “beer ‘n beards” craft breweries.
April 6 at the Main Street Heritage Hall



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