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They are Cory Woodward, Ryan McMahon and Christopher Arruda, described as “3 big voices singing honest songs”….. they are The Lion The Bear The Fox.

I got to meet them a little while ago at The Burrard Hotel for a party in the hotel’s courtyard and it will be a night I shall not forget. These big voiced boys are heartfelt, funny HILARIOUS, friendly, welcoming, passionate, kick-ass wicked dudes you wanna  have over to your place for a beer drinking barn-burner of a party….those are the kinda guys LBF are.  And when I say they have big voices, the night of the show there were people next door, in another hotel, 20 storeys up enjoying the sweet sounds.  This time around, stuck in a hotel room (a nice one at that), BC BuzZ takes you into the life of 3 solo artists (and friends) that have joined forces to breathe fire into the BC music scene.

Stomp your feet, clap your hands and get ready for 3 thunderous voices that make up The Lion The Bear The Fox!

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by Aaron Alexander

The Lion The Bear The Fox



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