Vancouver, Three Ways

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John Speranza
Vancouver, April, 2013

In the States we tend to think of Vancouver as something like BC’s answer to San Francisco, or the Hollywood to Toronto’s New York. The reality, of course, is a little more complicated than any of these shorthand renderings. It’s a unique mix: Northwest beauty, West Coast mellowness, a dash of film-industry glamour, and a certain individualistic spirit that’s common to places settled by adventurers. The best way to get a handle on Vancouver’s character is to visit; and while every visit is unique, we’ve put together a little tasting menu, offering three ways to do it.

Arrive in your own car; this is a classic mid-century motor lodge, and it still looks the part. These days you’ll park underground, as the central courtyard is now a raised garden terrace, ringed by colorful rows of guest room doors. What’s behind those doors? Simple, stylish rooms — basic by boutique standards, but far better than you’d expect at the Burrard’s price point. In-room amenities include 42-inch HDTVs and automatic espresso makers, which, along with the hotel’s own ground-floor café, ought to be enough to get you started before you rent a bike and hit the streets. Try the exquisite espresso at Revolver in Gastown and consider pausing street-side for aJapadog — more or less exactly what it sounds like — before beginning your caffeine-fueled ride along the Stanley Parkseawall.



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