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Italian (including Pizza)

December 30, 2023 |
Wendy Underwood

1129 Hamilton Street – Yaletown, 604.688.7466
Distance: 10-minute walk
Price: Starters ~ $28, pasta ~ $38 – $42, mains ~ $50 – $60
One of the city’s best restaurants, Cioppino’s is an excellent choice for a fancy night out. The chef is known for his take on traditional Mediterranean dishes using the freshest, local ingredients. This might be a high-end restaurant, but it’s still exceptionally comfortable and welcoming. It’s just announced that it will be closing in December 2024, so visit while you still can!

901 Homer Street – Downtown/Yaletown, 604.633.8868
Distance: 10-minute walk
Price: Appetizers ~ $25, Mains ~ $38 – $7
This is a beautiful, contemporary Italian room that invites you to make your meal as casual or fancy as you like. On one end, try the pizza and a beer for lunch (or go for the well-priced “express lunch” option), or do it up with a multi-course dinner that kicks off with oysters.

891 Homer Street – Yaletown, 604.428.6111
Distance: 15-minute walk
Price: Pizzas ~ $29 – $33, pasta ~$31 – $48
A combo of Spanish tapas bar and an Italian kitchen, this Michelin-recommended spot has a little something for everyone, including a lovely wine and cocktail list.  

305 Alexander Street – Railtown, 604.428.2544
Distance: 30-minute walk, 10-minute drive
Price: Pastas ~ $31 – 36 (for sharing)
This little gem, just on the east side of Main Street, is all about the pasta. All pasta is made fresh in-house, with gluten-free versions available on request. You’re encouraged to share, so start with a Spritz, order up some antipasti and pasta for the table, and let the conversation flow.

631 Commercial Drive – Commercial Drive, 604.254.5633
Distance: 15-minute drive
Price: Pasta ~ $26 – $34
In the old Nick’s Spaghetti House spot, Pepino’s offers a modern take on classic Italian-American pasta dishes in a room that keeps all of the old, kitschy glamour: dark wooden tables, 1950s artwork, and red upholstered seats.