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Top Five: Vegetarian and Vegan Spots

October 16, 2023 |
Wendy Underwood
Dishes at The Acorn, Vancouver, Canada

Vegetarian and vegan dining has long been firmly planted in Vancouver; our past hippy reputation (this is where Greenpeace was founded, after all) was testament to that. Fast forward to the current environment and popularity of eating local, seasonal, and plant-forward, it seems we’ve really hit our stride. Whether you’re committed to eating this way all the time, or you’re a flexitarian looking for a light and healthy option for dinner while you’re here, our city offers an amazing choice of spots both vegetarian and vegan. Here are five of our favourites!

508 Davie Street, Yaletown
Heads-up: Nuba is not vegetarian, but it rates a mention on this list thanks to its excellent selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as the fact that it’s a short walk from The Burrard. The menu skews Lebanese, and so it’s no surprise that you’ll find delicious falafel and an excellent mjadra lentil stew, but we’re all about the Najib’s Special: a crispy roasted cauliflower dish that has a cult-like following. And if you’re out and about in the city, there are three other Nuba locations that are just as cool as this one. Finally, don’t miss the weekend brunch!

The Acorn
3995 Main Street, Mount Pleasant
One of the city’s best restaurants, period, just happens to also be vegetarian. The Acorn offers refined, farm-to-table dining that will open your eyes to how satisfying and beautiful this cuisine can be. Most menu items can be ordered vegan, with many also available as gluten-free. If you’re in the mood for something more casual, check out their laid-back sister restaurant, The Arbor, on the same block.

2585 West Broadway, Kitsilano
The Kitsilano neighbourhood is often associated with Vancouver’s lingering hippy roots, but Folke is thoroughly modern. Everything on the shared plate-style menu is vegan, sourced as locally as possible, and is accompanied by a progressive wine and cocktail list that includes a good number of non-alcoholic options. Another thing that sets Folke apart? The prices are “hospitality inclusive”, meaning that the tip is included in the menu price.

MeeT in Yaletown
1165 Mainland Street, Yaletown
At the MeeT restaurants (along with Yaletown, you’ll find them in Mt Pleasant and Gastown), they’re known for their colossal burgers, but the poutine shouldn’t be missed either! With a round-up for three varieties, we’ve never felt so Canadian while also feeding our veggie-loving souls. You’ll also find bowls and salads chock full of greenery, so you can be as gluttonous or virtuous as you like.

Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian
1932 Kingsway, Fraserhood
We used to have to head out towards the suburbs to get our plant-based Vietnamese fix, so we quite enjoy the convenience of the short jaunt to Do Chay in the fledgling foodie hotspot ‘hood around Fraser, on the edge of Mount Pleasant. Uncle Hing’s “wings” made from oyster mushrooms are one of the more Western options, but there are plenty of more traditional Vietnamese delicacies such as savoury coconut rice cakes cooked in cast iron, vegan XO green beans, and some amazing truffle dumplings.

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