Things to do in Vancouver, July 2015

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This July is going to be HOT. If you’re looking for things to do in Vancouver, it’s the perfect time to spend some time outside, not just up on the mountains (although there’s nothing like swimming in a mountain stream) but also on our urban beaches and in Stanley Park. Here are our picks for your July Vancouver adventures.


Celebration of Light Vancouver Fireworks Festival – Jul 25 & 29, Aug 1

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Honda Celebration of Light - Vancouver Fireworks
Officially, the event is called the “Honda Celebration of Light,” but around these parts, we just call it the “fireworks.” Beyoncé-style, this is a festival that just needs a one-word name, because while we’re sure that you’ve seen some lovely displays in your home town, Vancouver fireworks put your fireworks to shame. Seriously, up to 400,000 people flood into the city on each of the nights to take in these masterful spectacles.

Held over three summer nights, Saturday July 25, Wednesday July 29, and Saturday August 1, Honda Celebration of Light sees three countries do battle for fireworks supremacy with shows that are choreographed to broadcasted music. That’s right – Vancouver fireworks are an international competition. This has also had the consequence of turning Vancouverites into a city of opinionated, unofficial fireworks judges. (Interested in how you go about judging such a thing? Read this.)

This year is the 25th anniversary of the festival, and 2015’s contenders are China (aka the birthplace of gunpowder), Brazil (no slouches in the “loud and colourful celebrations” department), and the home team, Canada! At 10pm on each of the nights, bombs are set off from a barge sitting out in English Bay, which means that they can be seen from shores around the city. The easiest way to take them in is to pack a picnic dinner and head down to the waterfront – anywhere along English Bay works, but Vanier Park over in Kits Point is also a favourite. Roads are closed off, so choose somewhere you can easily walk to.

If you’re looking for a fancier way to enjoy the Vancouver fireworks, there are an abundance of paid options, starting with the family-friendly YVR Observation Deck, through to The Keg Lounge with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Looking for super-fancy? Take it to the water and rent a boat!

Along with all of the chrysanthemums, peonies and horsetails you can handle, the festival also runs alongside the Sunset Beach Festival which includes live music stages, food, entertainment and giveaways down on English Bay on fireworks nights.

Ready to plan your visit to the city for the Honda Celebration of Light Vancouver fireworks festival? Search our site for some great rates right over here.


Vancouver Pride Parade & Festival – July 25 – August 2

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Vancouver Pride Parade -
At The Burrard, we love rainbows. Which is a good thing because, sitting on the edge of downtown Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood, we’re in a prime spot to enjoy the shenanigans that are part of the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival!


Media Coverage: The Highsnobiety Guide to Vancouver

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Highsnobiety guide to Vancouver
We’ve said it before, but there’s just something so reassuring about encountering someone who just “gets” you. A person with whom conversations are full of “No way, that’s the way I eat a Kit Kat as well!” and “That’s crazy – I collect glass armadillos too!” We’d like to venture that websites can also provide the satisfaction. Enter the Highsnobiety Guide to Vancouver.


Fashion Film Challenge – June 11, 2015

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Fashion Film Challenge Vancouver
The Burrard is thrilled to be the presenting sponsor of the upcoming Fashion Film Challenge here in Vancouver! First question: what’s a “fashion film?” Think of them as a magazine fashion spread come to life using cinematic techniques. Second question: why is The Burrard involved? We love fancy clothes, good-looking people and we’re big supporters of those with the artistic vision to bring them all together. We’re constantly being approached to use our modern-retro guest rooms and tropical hidden courtyard as a backdrop for fashion and design shoots (check out examples here!)