Vancouver International Film Festival

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Vancouver International Film Festival -The Burrard Hotel
People bandy around the term “Hollywood North” when talking about Vancouver, mainly because of the number of movies that are shot here, and not because of the rise in cosmetic surgery (we hope). So it’s totally fitting that Vancouver also has an awesome annual film festival. Running September 24 through October 9 this year, the Vancouver International Film Festival will offer almost 350 movie screenings, resulting in 144,000 bums in cinema seats. It’s one of top five North American film festivals in terms of the number of films and attendance. That’s pretty impressive.

But lots of cities have a film festival, so what makes the Vancouver International Film Festival worth attending?


Media Coverage: The Guardian and The Manual

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The Burrard - Double Room
Vancouver’s a pretty hot place to check out in the summer, and media are no different to the rest of us! They’re excited to find a great value downtown Vancouver hotel, especially if it’s packed to the gills with style, fun, and freebies like cruiser bike rentals and espresso machines in the rooms. Here are a couple of recent articles that The Burrard has been included in.


Things to do in Vancouver, August 2015

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Oh gawd. How is it already August? There’s definitely no shortage of things to do in Vancouver this summer, so basically we have zero excuse for not getting out there and enjoying the sunshine! (Note to self: take own advice and get outside, eat more ice cream, and hang out at more festivals.) Learn from our mistakes and get out there for some fun… without further ado, our list of things to do in Vancouver this August.


The best Vancouver hotel courtyard gets an upgrade!

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Vancouver Hotel Courtyard - The Burrard
If you’ve ever stayed with us, you’ll know that The Burrard’s inner courtyard is one of our grooviest features. We think it’s the best Vancouver hotel courtyard, resplendent with huge palm trees, a sunny deck, and plenty of corners to relax with a beer or get a little work done on the laptop. But now there’s even more to love about our courtyard!


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The Burrard - Vancouver Summer Hotel Deals
We can tell you about how awesome The Burrard is until we’re blue in the face. Hopefully you’ll believe us when we say that we’re one of the best value downtown Vancouver hotels, but obviously, we’re a bit biased. But it’s not just us who are fans of free bike rentals, espresso machines in every room, and a glorious, glorious courtyard. Over the past couple of months, our media friends have also been singing our praises!