Media Coverage: Seattle Refined Post on The Burrard

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Seattle Refined post on The Burrard - Vancouver Hotel
Being just a quick three-hour jaunt up the I-5, Vancouver sees a lot of awesome visitors from Seattle. Our two cities have this unspoken understanding, like, “Yeah, it rains here, and you’re all obsessed with coffee and technical fleece. We get it. No need for the apology.” Among our many recent Seattleite guests was Jenny Kuglin, a writer for KOMO News’ website, as well as their travel and lifestyle section,


Things to do in Vancouver, March 2015

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March is when we start to get optimistic – winter’s about done and we can see the light (and cherry blossoms) at the end of the tunnel! This month we’re getting a dose of Warhol, the luck of the Irish, dinner with new friends, and Frank Sinatra’s getting under our skin. Here are our picks for things to do in Vancouver during March.

Andy Warhol Show in Vancouver - The Burrard Hotel

Whether it’s soup cans on our sneakers or Marilyn screen-printed on your coffee mug, Andy Warhol’s iconic works have thoroughly permeated our day-to-day lives. A showing of 80 Warhol prints and paintings is the sort of blockbuster exhibit that major galleries dream about, so it blows our mind that this show, “WARHOL – A Different Idea of Love,” is being presented in a Yaletown warehouse with free admission.
March 1 – 30 (excluding Sundays),


Lauren Brem Show at ROAM Gallery

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Vancouver's Burrard Hotel by Lauren Brem

The Burrard is proud to be a supporter of Vancouver’s arts scene. Throughout the year, you’ll see us sponsor events, host exhibitions and provide a place for weary visiting musicians to lay their heads. So we’re pleased as punch to have our portrait shown at Lauren Brem’s current exhibition at Vancouver’s ROAM Gallery, running through to March 11.


Five Vancouver Rainy Day Activities

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Vancouver Rainy Day Activities - The Burrard Hotel

It’s February in Vancouver, and while other cities in Canada (and much of the US) are getting a ton of snow, we’re lucky enough to have the heavens open and drench us with glorious rain. Lucky? Well, we think so. The thing about rain is that once it stops, it’s gone—no shoveling, no icy footpaths, no scary driving. It’s just back to pleasant, mild temperatures and we can get on with our business.

But while that downpour is happening, you might want to look for a few Vancouver rainy day activities to make the most of your time indoors. The obvious choices are the city’s museums, galleries and indoor attractions like the Vancouver Aquarium. But if you’re looking for something beyond that, we’ve got you covered. (See what we just did?) Here’s a list of our favourite Vancouver rainy day activities.


Media Coverage: Todd Talbot shoot

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Todd Talbot at The Burrard - photo by
As you know, we love to show off our mid-century modern style and retro guestrooms to anyone who shows even a vague interest. And all that grooviness and our downtown Vancouver location often attracts the eye of some of Vancouver’s best photographers who see the potential of The Burrard as a backdrop for their next photo shoot. The latest of these photographers was Matthew Chen who was looking for a location as handsome as dapper dude, Todd Talbot.